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Delivery services have been suspended from operating in Thủ Đức City và districts 8, 12, đống Vấp, Bình Tân, huyện bình chánh and Hóc Môn in tp hcm City from Monday.

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Grab, Be & Gojek delivery apps have only limited food ordering và delivery services in some districts in tp hcm City. Shippers are only allowed lớn operate within designated districts between 6am and 5pm every day.

A representative of Gojek said Gojek has temporarily suspended operation of GoFood và GoSend services in Thủ Đức City & districts 8, 12, đống Vấp, Bình Tân, bình chánh and Hóc Môn.

For other areas, GoFood & GoSend services will be limited lớn operating within each district from 6am to lớn 5pm daily. This can be changed depending on updated regulations from authorities.

Gojek has worked closely with hcm City to exchange ideas to lớn ensure effective operations while strictly complying with COVID-19 control and prevention regulations.

BeGroup Communication Director Nguyễn Việt Linh said that BeGroup would maintain delivery và grocery shopping services of essential items for locals in districts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, Phú Nhuận, Tân Bình, Tân Phú, Củ Chi và Nhà Bè while temporarily suspending operations in remaining districts until further notice.

“Only shippers registered with the tp hcm City Department of Industry and Trade can operate và deliver goods within each district. Inter-district delivery is prohibited,” Linh said.

If customers order services for unessential items, shippers will cancel the order, he added.

Grab has also sent notifications và informed their drivers of the new changes.

E-commerce platforms

Lazada will refund money in accordance with their regulations if customers want lớn cancel their orders because of delays in delivery.

The e-commerce platform is collecting customers’ opinions on a desired solution. If customers want to continue waiting for their orders, Lazada will prioritise delivery of those orders as soon as the current rules are lifted.

Customers will be constantly updated of their order status. They can liên hệ their điện thoại tư vấn 19001007 for 24/7 support.

Similarly at Shopee, customers can make purchases. As soon as hồ chí minh City is stable, customers will be offered a freeshipping code và Shopee will quickly send the goods to lớn them.

“For orders with a high probability of being cancelled, Shopee will immediately notify customers. We hope that customers will understand during this difficult time,” a representative of Shopee said.

Other activities such as phone thẻ top-up transactions, smartphone data plan purchases, & service bill payments will continue to be carried out. 

E-commerce platform Tiki has also confirmed that it will suspend delivery activities to lớn certain areas until further notice. 

Vietnamese futsal team heads to Spain

On August 24, the Vietnamese futsal team on August 24 night departed to Spain for training and joining an international four-side tournament.

At the tournament which is scheduled to take place on August 28-31, Vietnam will play Japan, Guatemala & the hosts

Before leaving for the Lithuania World Cup from September 12 khổng lồ October 3, they are expected to lớn have a match with Spain"https://avtr.site/s Cordoba club on September 3.

The team is also expected lớn have a friendly match with the Moroccan national team on September 6 in Lithuania.

At the kết thúc of the last training session on August 24, Coach Pham Minh Giang finalised a list of 17 players khổng lồ leave for Spain for a further training.

On the same day, the President of the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) Le Khanh hai met the team, offerring encouragement and assigning tasks to them.

Vietnam are in a same group as Brazil, Panama và the Czech Republic, with their matches on September 13, 16 and 19, respectively.

According to the organisers, VAR will be used at this year"https://avtr.site/s World Cup.

VTV to broadcast live Vietnam’s final WC 2022 qualifiers

Vietnam Television (VTV) and FPT Telecom will team up lớn broadcast live all 10 coming matches of the Vietnam national football team in their third World Cup 2022 qualifiers of the Asian region, VTV announced on August 24 evening.The 10 coming World Cup qualifying matches will be a big chạy thử for coach Park Hang-seo"https://avtr.site/s players.“All 10 home and away matches of the Vietnamese team, and other interesting matches in the group with the Vietnamese team will be broadcast live on VTV5 and VTV6 khổng lồ serve spectators nationwide,” VTV said in its announcement.

The third and final qualifying round of the World Cup 2022 in the Asian region will see Vietnam play in Group B alongside powerhouses Japan, Australia, Saudi Arabia và Oman.

In Group A, Iran will play the Republic of Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Syria, và Lebanon.

In the third qualifying round, the teams will play in a round-robin format twice lớn select the best two teams in each group to lớn enter the final round to lớn be held in Qatar in 2022. The two third teams will meet in a play-off match và their winning team will also play representative of another continent off against each other khổng lồ secure a ticket to lớn Qatar next year.

Vietnam will clash against hosts Saudi Arabia on September 2 & take on visiting australia five days later.

This is the first time in history Vietnam have cruised into the third and final qualifying round the World Cup.

Mekong Delta localities continue khổng lồ perform social distancing

The Mekong Delta provinces and cities of Can Tho, An Giang và Dong Thap have continued khổng lồ perform social distancing following Directive No.16.

Can Tho đô thị has extended social distancing following Directive No.16 of the Prime Minister up lớn September 8.

Particularly, Can Tho city has extended social distancing following Directive No.16 of the Prime Minister from August 25 to September 8 and strictly implement the social distancing measures following Directive No.10 of the Chairman of the đô thị People’s Committee.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Can Tho đô thị required to strengthen tighter social distancing measures, for instance each household will assign a person to buy and receive food and essential stuff from 8 a.m. Lớn 5 p.m. Daily.

The workers of essential food & goods production facilities and stores have to lớn conduct Covid-19 sample thử nghiệm once every three days và alternatively arrange shift employees và encourage the implementation of three-on-site production model.

In An Giang Province, the Provincial People’s Committee directed the implementation of social distancing measures following the Directive No.16 of the Prime Minister from August 26 to lớn September 5 in Long Xuyen City, Chau Doc City, Districts of Chau Thanh, Chau Phu, An Phu, đến Moi & Thoai Son.

In the afternoon of August 24, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Thap Province Pham Thien Nghia signed an official letter lớn continue social distancing order following Directive No.16 of the Prime Minister in the whole province, up to September 5.

Vietnamese tank team performs well at Army Games 2021

The Vietnam People’s Army’s tank crew No. 1 delivered a solid performance in qualifiers for the International Army Games 2021’s Tank Biathlon at the Alabino training ground on the outskirt of Moscow on August 23.This year’s 19 participating teams are divided into two groups. The Vietnamese team is in Group 1, with teams from Russia, China, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Venezuela, & Syria.

Completing the round in 24 minutes and 58 seconds and bringing down five out of five targets, the Vietnamese crew finished second behind Mongolia, which shot down all targets in 23 minutes & 57 seconds.

The Vietnamese team received enthusiastic cheers from Vietnamese people living in Russia.

The Vietnam People’s Army’s tank contingents No. 2 and No. 3 will compete in qualifiers on August 26 and 29.

After the qualifiers, the eight best teams in Group 1 will compete in the semi-finals.

Vietnam to use 70,000 Molnupiravir for treatment of Covid-19 patients at home

The Ministry of Health yesterday announced the use of 70,000 Molnupiravir Covid-19 antiviral pills for pilot treatment of Covid-19 patients at homes.

The Ministry said that now, the domestic Molnupiravir drug manufacturers are ready to lớn sponsor the first batches of drugs with 16,000 doses.

Additional 100,000 doses will be given by September 5. At the same time, the first imported batch of Molnupiravir with more than 300,000 tablets arrived in Vietnam on August 23. It is expected that an additional 1.7 million tablets will be delivered on August 28.

At the same time, the next batch of drugs will be imported for use in the program in early September 2021.

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in Ho chi Minh City & some southern provinces, the health sector decided to begin the pilot of home-based care for Covid-19 patients to lớn help reduce the Covid-19 overload in hospitals and deaths of people infected by Covid-19. As the coronavirus pandemic has been surging across the country, hospitals are facing a crisis-level shortage of beds & staff to lớn provide adequate care for patients. The Ministry has kept updating treatment plans for mild-symptom patients at home. Basing on the results of clinical trials of the antiviral drug Molnupiravir in the treatment of Covid-19 in many countries, with positive results in terms of safety & clear virus in mild and moderate patients after five days of treatment, the Ministry of Health và the HCMC Department of Health will begin the pilot of the home-based care for Covid-19 patients on August 25 in HCMC lớn reduce hospitalization rate và reduce mortality.

After five days, all patients will be evaluated for the rate of negative for SARS-CoV-2 virus & their illness whether is progressing to lớn a more severe level. During the 14 days, patients will be monitored for symptoms of Covid-19 disease & side effects of the drug.

Medical experts & health workers will keep an eye on the evaluation of the pilot program results according to lớn a scientific research protocol approved by the Ethics Committee in Research và the Ministry of Health.

Nearly 1mln Vero Cell vaccine shots administered to tp hcm City residents

Approximately one million doses of the Chinese-produced Vero Cell COVID-19 vaccine have been given to lớn local people in Ho đưa ra Minh City, with all recipients in stable health condition, according to lớn the sài gòn City Center for Disease Control (HCDC).Overall, the southern city, the largest coronavirus hotspot in Vietnam, has administered a total of 5.4 million vaccine doses and is continuing to lớn speed up its ongoing vaccination campaign.

The thành phố is also carrying out mass COVID-19 testing for all residents during the extended social distancing period in order lớn detect and separate all F0 cases from the wider community.

According to lớn the HCDC, a total of 41,955 F0 cases are self-isolating at home, with half of them returning from hospital. In addition, an additional 17,569 F1 cases are also self-isolating at home.

The southern metropolis is currently treating 36,029 COVID-19 cases, including 2,243 children under 16. Of the total, 2,563 patients are in critically ill condition, with many requiring mechanical ventilation. A further 20 are reliant on the life tư vấn machine called extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).

HCM đô thị is grappling with the fresh coronavirus outbreak, with approximately 4,000 new infections recorded daily. On August 23 alone it registered 4,251 infections và 340 deaths. As many as 1,671 patients fully-recovered from COVID-19 và were discharged from hospital on the same day.

Vietnamese tank crew secures group’s second place at Army Games 2021

Vietnam finished second in Group 1 of the qualifying round of the “Tank Biathlon”, held at the Alabino military training ground in the suburbs of Russia’s Moscow, at the ongoing International Army Games 2021.

Tank Crew No. 1 of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) shot down all the five targets and completed the race in 24 minutes and 58 seconds.

It followed Mongolia (23 minutes and 57 seconds) & outpaced Venezuela (31 minutes and 55 seconds), and Syria (39 minutes & 35 seconds).

Colonel Phan nhì Long, captain of the VPA’s tank team said Tank Crew No. 1 performed well và completed its task in accordance with tactics và techniques set out for the team.

Two other tank crews of Vietnam will continue competing on August 26 và 29.

This year, there are 19 teams participating in the “Tank Biathlon”, divided into two groups.

Group 1 sees the participation of tank crews from 11 countries, including China, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Venezuela, Syria, Vietnam, và host Russia.

Group 2 includes teams from Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Qatar, South Ossetia, Abkhazia & Mali.

The best eight teams will then enter the semi-final round.

The International Army Games 2021 takes place from August 22 to September 4, featuring the participation of 275 teams from 42 countries & territories worldwide competing in 34 categories.

The latest sự kiện marks the fourth consecutive year the VPA has taken part in the international-level military multisport event./.

Artificial Intelligence Day 2021 slated for August 27 & 28

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Day 2021, themed Empowering Innovations, will be held virtually on August 27 and 28 with a goal to promote AI research, development và application, helping khổng lồ solve challenging problems in socio-economic development.

The event, organised by VinAI Research - the tech arm of Vingroup, also aims to help Vietnamese businesses apply new technologies khổng lồ optimise their competitive advantages.

It is expected lớn bringing together the world"https://avtr.site/s top-tier experts in AI và leading researchers in Vietnam to giới thiệu ideas và perspectives.

The AI Day 2021 will feature three themes: "https://avtr.site/AI in Research and Development"https://avtr.site/, "https://avtr.site/AI for Innovations và Global AI Products"https://avtr.site/ and "https://avtr.site/AI for Education"https://avtr.site/.

Dr. Bui nhị Hung, General Director of VinAI Research, said that over the years, AI has become an effective tool that helps solve difficulties as well as create many opportunities for Vietnamese businesses.

“Despite possessing great potential, the development of AI within the country still faces many challenges. As a leader in AI research & application in Vietnam, we aim khổng lồ bring Vietnamese AI research and products to lớn the world. Through AI Day 2021, VinAI wants khổng lồ build a sustainable bridge between the world AI community & Vietnam, at the same time, help research teams và businesses solve challenges as well as improve technical competency, gradually reaching out to lớn the world,” he said.

This is the third time the AI Day has been held in Vietnam. It is expected khổng lồ attract about 2,000 participants./.

Measures sought khổng lồ control tiger trading, conservation in Vietnam

The People and Nature Reconciliation (PanNature) on August 24 organised a seminar looking back on the captivity, trading, rescue và conservation of tigers in Vietnam after the recent seizure of 17 tigers in Nghe An province.

The tigers were found being raised illegally in the basements of two families in the central province on August 4.

Deputy Director of the Vietnam CITES Management Authority Vuong Tien Manh said that Nghe An has been considered a hot spot for illegal wildlife captivity for years, especially in Yen Thanh, Dien Chau và Quynh Luu districts. Notably, the smuggling of wild animals, especially tigers, is increasingly complicated.

According lớn statistics, Vietnam currently has more than 300 tigers legally kept in captivity in farms, captivity facilities và households. However, the actual number of tigers being kept in captivity in the country may be much larger than the statistics, including those raised illegally.

Notably, numerous studies have shown that tiger breeding facilities are intimately involved in smuggling networks. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)"https://avtr.site/s Wildlife Crime Report 2020 and the Wildlife Trade Monitoring Network (TRAFFIC) Research Report 2019 also showed that the risk of captive tigers entering the illegal market is completely real.

Director of the Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) Bui Thi Ha stated that Vietnam has already had strict sentences for tiger-related crimes, especially since the Penal Code came into effect.

She suggested the country invest more time và resources in dealing with leaders of tiger smuggling rings, while stressing the importance of news agencies và press outlets lớn disseminate relevant laws.

Participants also proposed intensifying law enforcement, stepping up inter-sectoral coordination, và closely monitoring captivity facilities to effectively manage the captivity of tigers./.

Colours of cultures at Alabino training ground

A cultural & exhibition space was set up at the Alabino training ground on August 23, attracting much interest from both participating teams và visitors khổng lồ the ongoing Army Games 2021.

The space introduces visitors to the colourful cultures & histories of the 21 participating countries lớn the Army Games, including China, Armenia, Egypt, Iraq, Vietnam, & the host Russia.

Themed ‘The Vietnamese People’s Army: Tradition, Integration and Development’, the Vietnamese team stall was decorated with conical hats. It welcomed hundreds of visitors on the launch day, all of them receiving a warm welcome from the Vietnamese soldiers.

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Visitors to the stall are invited to lớn taste Vietnamese tea, ‘banh dau xanh’ (mung bean cake), lotus seed jam, and ginger jam. They can also try their hand at printing Dong Ho folk paintings & bring home the results as souvenirs.

Ivan Kiselov, a young soldier from the Russian team, said he was excited khổng lồ try his hand at making a Dong Ho folk painting entitled ‘Chan Trau Thoi Sao’ (Pastor playing a flute).

Vietnam sets lớn significantly cut use of single-use plastics by 2025

Vietnam aims to lớn use 100 percent of environmentally-friendly plastic bags & packaging at shopping malls và supermarkets by 2025, according to lớn a project on strengthening management of plastic waste in Vietnam approved by Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh on July 22.

Other goals include to collect, reuse, recycle và treat 85 percent of plastic waste; khổng lồ reduce the volume of plastic waste dumped lớn ocean by half; to have 100 percent of tourism complexes, hotels and other lodging facilities not use non-biodegradable plastic bags and single-use plastic products by 2025.

Additionally, the project will gradually cut the production và consumption of non-biodegradable plastic bags & single-use plastic products in daily life; while raising awareness among organisations, enterprises và the community about the harmful effects of single-use plastic items khổng lồ the environment, ecosystem & human health, & encouraging consumers to lớn shift away from single-use & non-biodegradable plastics to eco-friendly alternatives.

It will chiến dịch producers and distributors of single-use & non-biodegradable plastic products to lớn shift khổng lồ eco-friendly equivalents & promote the development và application of advanced giải pháp công nghệ in plastic waste management và manufacturing of environmentally-friendly products.

The project will also build a network of local communicators who are tasked khổng lồ instruct people in how lớn properly classify, reuse & treat plastic waste và waste at large; and integrate knowledge about single-use & non-biodegradable plastics into school curriculums at all levels.

Vietnam is said to lớn be the world"https://avtr.site/s fourth-largest marine plastic polluter after China, Indonesia & the Philippines. Each year, the country reportedly dumps an estimate of 300,000 – 700,000 tonnes of plastic waste into the ocean per year, accounting for 6 percent of the world"https://avtr.site/s marine plastics./.

Demand – supply of goods plummet steeply

It was recorded that the retail system in Ho đưa ra Minh city was quite deserted, with 100 percent of traditional markets and more than 50 percent of retail systems closed, and the number of customers dropping by nearly 100 percent on the morning of August 23 - the first day that HCMC strengthens control on social distancing following Directive No.16.

At Nga tía Bau Market in District 12, the only place allowed to xuất hiện for sale nearly 100 percent of the essential food stalls in HCMC up khổng lồ this time, there were a few customers in the previous day, but now, the Management Board has put up a barrier around the market and locked the gate.

Similarly, Lotte Mart Go Vap Supermarket in Nguyen Van Luong Street, Co.opmart in quang Trung Street, và several Co.opfood và Bach Hoa Xanh stores in Go Vap District were also closed.

“Our supermarket is told to lớn close for two weeks. Currently, there are only security guards on duty. There will be a new announcement when it reopens,"https://avtr.site/ said Trung, a security guard at Lotte Mart Go Vap.

Meanwhile, some supermarkets were mở cửa but had no customers, or they opened for delivery & online sales only.

“From this morning until now, our store has only received five customers, who are checkpoint guards, và no citizens have visited the store. Currently, the amount of goods arrived at the store only accounts for a quarter of that in normal days,"https://avtr.site/ said a shopkeeper at Bach Hoa Xanh Supermarket in Nguyen Anh Thu Street in District 12.

Not far away, Co.opmart Supermarket set its doors ajar but did not sell goods. According to lớn its staff, the supermarket only packs full bộ packages that HCMC gives lớn underprivileged households.

Some Co.opfood and Vinmart+ supermarkets in Ward 14 of Go Vap District were also xuất hiện but to lớn deliver orders placed online only. However, the number of orders was small.

Regarding the situation that markets và many supermarkets unexpectedly close at the last minute, while on the afternoon of August 22, the document of the municipal People"https://avtr.site/s Committee still allowed them to mở cửa for sale, or even suggested that these systems should increase the number of products & supply, representatives of the departments for Economy of Thu Duc City and districts said that the localities had responded and promptly informed small traders và retailers when the municipal People"https://avtr.site/s Committee changed the plan from the safe zone in which people can go shopping for necessities once a week to lớn the method of grocery shopping service.

“Thanks to lớn timely information to small traders & retail systems, markets have canceled the plan of importing goods lớn sell. Currently, markets và supermarket systems are waiting for the danh mục of goods lớn be collected through the grocery shopping service. When they receive information about the items registered by people, they will pack them into combos then cooperate with local authorities lớn deliver goods khổng lồ each citizen,"https://avtr.site/ Mr. Phan Thanh Binh, Deputy Head of the Department for Economy of Phu Nhuan District, said.

Students make device to lớn help combat COVID-19

A group of students and their teacher from Huỳnh Thúc chống Secondary School in tỉnh quảng ngãi Province have successfully made an automatic body toàn thân temperature measurement và hand-washing machine khổng lồ help fight COVID-19.

Võ Duy Huân, a member of the group, said there was a risk of cross infection when many students in the school shared the same disinfectant bottle.

He also saw that it"https://avtr.site/s sometimes hard to lớn keep the required distance when checking toàn thân temperature.

So he had the idea of developing a device lớn reduce the possibility of cross infection. 

After presenting the idea, the team was supported by teacher Nguyễn Thị Hồng Minh lớn develop the product. 

Minh said that she supported her students because the sản phẩm would have high applicability, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The device automatically sprays a sufficient amount of disinfectant solution for the user and incorporates a body temperature sensor.

The device will issue an alert if the recorded body temperature is higher than normal.

The machine works using a solar battery system, so it saves electricity & is environmentally-friendly.

"https://avtr.site/We faced many difficulties. We had to order sensors from hồ chí minh City. Moreover, due to limited knowledge, we had to lớn ask for help from teacher Minh a lot,"https://avtr.site/ Lê Đăng Khoa, a member of the group, said.

"https://avtr.site/We are so happy as the device has been put into use after months of research,"https://avtr.site/ Khoa said.

The machine is being used in the school.

Minh said the cost for each device is about VNĐ2 million. So she hopes the school will provide more funds to lớn make more machines lớn install in the school and others in the province.

Huỳnh Văn Tố, vice chairman of the provincial Union of Science & Technology Associations, said the device was really effective in COVID-19 prevention & control. 

He hopes individuals và organisations will help mass produce the equipment for use in schools, offices & public places in the province, helping combat COVID-19.

Prime Minister receives Chinese Ambassador

Vietnam treasures the traditional friendly neighborliness & comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership with China, considering it a strategic choice and top priority in the country"https://avtr.site/s external policy, affirmed Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

During a reception Hanoi on August 24 for Chinese Ambassador to lớn Vietnam Xiong Bo, the PM stressed that Vietnam consistently pursues the foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, multilateralisation & diversification of ties, proactive & active international integration, và being a responsible thành viên of the international community. Vietnam does not ally with one country to lớn fight the other.

He wished that both sides would enhance political trust between the two Parties & nations, promote exchanges at all levels, boost comprehensive cooperationa và uphold the Steering Committee on Vietnam – đài loan trung quốc Bilateral Cooperation mechanism.

Suggesting priority be given lớn the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, Chinh thanked the Chinese Government for donating an additional 2 million doses of vaccines lớn Vietnam. He hoped trung quốc will continue offering vaccines, transfer vaccine production technology & COVID-19 medicines to lớn Vietnam.

The host also suggested dealing with trade deficit faced by Vietnam và wished china would facilitate customs clearance, import more Vietnamese goods as well as tackle difficulties in several projects.

The two sides need khổng lồ strive khổng lồ maintain peace & stability, satisfactorily settle disagreements at sea in the spirit of high-level common perceptions, the Agreement on basic principles guiding the settlement of sea-related issues và abide by international law, including the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, he said.

He added that the two countries need to partner with ASEAN to lớn fully & seriously implement the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), as well as step up negotiations on an effective và practical Code of Conduct in the East Sea (COC).

Ambassador Xiong, for his part, affirmed that the Chinese các buổi party and Government attach importance to lớn ties with Vietnam, and stay ready khổng lồ boost political trust và consider increasing vaccine supplies to lớn the country.

He emphasised that đài loan trung quốc does not pursue trade surplus with Vietnam. It is willing is address bottlenecks in export-import, consider opening market for the Vietnamese high-quality goods, & complete several key projects soon.

China wants khổng lồ well control disagreements & satisfactorily settle issues at sea with Vietnam in line with high-level common preceptions, he stated.

HCM đô thị likely khổng lồ see coronavirus cases increase over coming days

Coronavirus cases in Ho bỏ ra Minh city are likely to increase in the coming days as it is conducting extensive COVID-19 testing for all residents during the latest social distancing period, according to the city’s Steering Committee on COVID-19 Prevention and Control.The southern metropolis, the largest coronavirus hotspot in Vietnam, recorded 4,241 new infections on August 23, with 3,308 of them diagnosed in the community.

The cases were mainly discovered in the districts of Binh Thanh, tan Phu, Binh Tan, và Hoc Mon, along with in District 1 & District 8.

To separate all F0 cases from the wider community, the đô thị is taking advantage of the "https://avtr.site/golden time"https://avtr.site/ during the current social distancing period lớn conduct mass testing for all residents.

To tốc độ up testing, the municipal Department of Health has launched a pilot scheme that guides residents on how to do a self-test at home. The move is expected to help lessen pressure on the health sector and avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Moreover, a number of special sản phẩm điện thoại teams have also been established to provide medical care khổng lồ those with common diseases, as well as to supply local residents with daily necessities.

COVID-19 patients who require support are able to tương tác the rapid response teams, điện thoại medical stations, & the 115 Emergency Center for guidance và advice.

New prehistoric archaeological site discovered in Yen Bai

Experts from the museum of northern Yen Bai province have found a cultural relic site belonging khổng lồ the Late Stone Age (pre-Hoa Binh Culture period) in Ngoi Sen village, Van Tien commune of Yen Bai city.

The site, covering about 600 sq.m, was unearthed while a local family was digging the ground lớn build their breeding farm in the right ngân hàng of the Red River.

Items found in the site are diverse, mostly made of river pebbles. They include turtle shell-shaped tools, single-edged & double-edged tools, & horizontal edge cutters that are dated back to lớn about 9,000 to 10,000 years.

According lớn Ly Kim Khoa, Vice Director of the Yen Bai Museum, the discovery of the new prehistoric archaeological relic site is significant in the province"https://avtr.site/s prehistoric archeology research. This is the first time that the museum has discovered this type of prehistoric archaeological site, which has richer tools with more sophisticated processing techniques than other sites of the same period in the area.

The museum plans lớn zone off the area for further digging and exploration, thus restoring and promoting the values of the site.

Earlier, archaeologists also discovered findings with cultural values of the prehistoric period in Vietnam through an urgent archaeological excavation of Tuan quan tiền relic site in northern Yen Bai province, which confirms that the site is a particularly rare & precious relic belonging to the ate Stone Age and feudal periods.

An archaeological report in early July 2021 also confirmed that Tuan quan lại is an extremely precious relic site in the system of prehistoric archaeological sites in Vietnam, which plays a very important role in the exploration of the origin of Son Vi- Hoa Binh Culture in Vietnam and Southeast Asia./.

Chinese Association presents medical supplies lớn Ha Giang province

Representatives from Vietnam"https://avtr.site/s northern Ha Giang province on August 24 received medical supplies donated by the Chinese Association of Wenshan prefecture, China"https://avtr.site/s Yunnan province.

The association"https://avtr.site/s representatives handed over 50 oxygen generators & 10,000 medicals masks to support Ha Giang province to lớn combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the event, Mao Quoc Toan, deputy director of the Ha Giang Department of Foreign Affairs thanked the leaders of the association for their timely gifts. 

Toan said he hoped that in the coming time, the DFA of the two provinces continues khổng lồ help each other in professional activities as well as in COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control.

The donation of masks and medical supplies contributes to tightening the friendship, tradition, và cooperation between Ha Giang province và Wenshan prefecture, Yunnan province, he said.

Later, the medical supplies were transferred to the province’s Department of Health lớn allocate for forces serving in COVID-19 pandemic prevention và control/. 

Vietnamese swimmers begin journey at 2020 Tokyo Paralympics


Paralympic swimmer Vo Thanh Tung (Photo: VNA)

Swimmers Trinh Thi Bich Nhu & Vo Thanh Tung will be the first Vietnamese athletes khổng lồ compete at the first official competition day of the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games on August 25.

In the morning, Nhu is set lớn compete at the qualification of the women’s 50m freestyle S6. The top eight in the qualification will advance to the final held in the afternoon.

The female swimmer attended the 2012 and 2016 Paralympics.

Meanwhile, Tung will represent Vietnam at the men’s 200m freestyle S5.

He won a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Paralympics và three golds together with two silvers at the 2018 Asian Para Games in Indonesia.

Five years ago, Vietnamese athletes with disabilities made their mark at the 15th Paralympics when they won one gold, one silver và two bronze medals.

The Tokyo Paralympics is khổng lồ be held from August 24 to September 5 with the participation of 4,400 athletes from 160 countries & territories around the world./.

Help và sharing in Bình Duong"https://avtr.site/s COVID hotspots

Bình Dương Province, a hotspot for COVID-19 in the southern region, is struggling lớn fight the pandemic as the number of infections has rapidly risen in the province. 

But the people here bởi not feel alone because they receive help from the wider community.

Fifteen communes and wards of Thuận An & Dĩ An cities & Tân Uyên Town, with a population of about 800,000 people, are under strict lockdown due to the high increase in infections.

In the early morning, volunteers & civil defence officers gather at the People"https://avtr.site/s Committee of Thuận Giao ward, Thuận An, to load rice & vegetables on small trucks to lớn provide khổng lồ local residents. 

"https://avtr.site/I feel happy today because I received rice và vegetables. I"https://avtr.site/ve been eating instant noodles for two weeks khổng lồ save money. I"https://avtr.site/m afraid of running out of money if the pandemic is not controlled soon,"https://avtr.site/ said Nguyễn Quyết Thuần, a restaurant employee living in the housing area for workers in Thuận Giao Ward.

Thuận told Sức Khỏe và Đời Sống (Health và Life) newspaper that he wanted to find another job but the demand for labour had decreased, so he still could not find a better job.

"https://avtr.site/I hope the pandemic will soon be under control so I can go out and sell something for a living."https://avtr.site/ Thuận said.

Phạm Kim Hoàn, a local worker, said she was struggling to survive during the pandemic. She lost her job two months ago & has to stay at trang chủ due to social distancing.

"https://avtr.site/Life is so hard. Most workers like me have to lớn manage to lớn survive. We would lượt thích to thank the Government for its timely support so that we can cope with these difficulties,"https://avtr.site/ said Nguyễn trường Hải, a worker in a rented room. 

Lê Trọng Văn, owner of a rented housing area in Tân Uyên Town, said: "https://avtr.site/Workers have to close the door all day because a worker living here is positive for coronavirus."https://avtr.site/

"https://avtr.site/They haven"https://avtr.site/t had a job for two months. I help them by reducing the rental price. However, they are in a very hard situation và cannot return khổng lồ their hometown. The local government"https://avtr.site/s support with essential goods will help them overcome difficulties in the next two weeks."https://avtr.site/ 

Many people"https://avtr.site/s lives have fallen into difficulties with many industries closed for a long time, especially for poor households và workers in rented houses.

Hundreds of tonnes of rice, potatoes, eggs and vegetables of all kinds have helped support people in need và eased their worry about a lack of food.

In order to provide food for local residents, Bình Dương has mobilised a large force of soldiers & civil defence officers, youth unions và women"https://avtr.site/s unions with 300 people to each locality.

Bùi Thanh Toàn, director of provincial Department of Industry and Trade, said that the agency had made a specific plan lớn distribute food and essential goods khổng lồ people living in strict lockdown areas.

Eleven supermarkets, 230 convenience stores và 29 out of 119 traditional markets are still operating khổng lồ ensure enough food for people during the pandemic, according lớn Toàn. 

The province has decided to support each worker và unofficial worker who has lost their job due lớn COVID-19 with a payment of VNĐ1.5 million (US$66).

Many other tư vấn policies are also being implemented by the province to lớn help workers and people in blockade areas.

Bình Dương has provided rice and essential good for all people in the isolation areas, estimated at nearly VNĐ600 billion. 

Deputy PM inspects COVID-19 prevention, control at Military Hospital 175

Deputy Prime Minister Lê Văn Thành & Defence Minister Phan Văn Giang visited and inspected COVID-19 prevention và control at Military Hospital 175 in sài gòn City on Tuesday.

At the hospital, through an online connection with trường Sa island district of Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu Province, Deputy PM Thành appreciated the efforts and determination of the district’s officers and soldiers to fight the pandemic and emphasised their important role in performing political, military & defence tasks on the sacred archipelago.

Deputy PM Thanh highly valued the discipline, techniques & combat strength of ngôi trường Sa officers và soldiers, especially in applying science và technology to stay connected with frontline hospitals on the mainland lớn ensure the health và life of officers, soldiers và residents in the island district.

Director of Military Hospital 175 Nguyễn Hồng tô said theirs is the strategic hospital in the southern region’s military forces, & has always kept in mind its central political mission is to lớn always remain combat-ready as well as prepared lớn receive patients - including COVID-19 patients.

Since mid-July, with the resurgence of the virus in the southern region, the defence ministry has selected the hospital to set up a COVID-19 treatment centre with 200 beds for patients in serious condition, & just now the capacity has been upgraded lớn 350.